< Got her head in the Nebulas

Jane Foster, resident space cadet - literally. This girl has her head in the interstellar clouds.

[Roleplay blog for Teenage Avengers]
Let’s take a count:

Today I broke 2 crucible in the lab. Yesterday, I broke a measuring cylinder. The day before that I broke a beaker and a glass rod. I even tripped on the road when there was nothing blocking my way. My consensus? Everyday I’ll break something new and there’s nothing I can do about it. 

What would you doooOOOoooo for a Klondike bar?


Grape! *snatches it up with a Klondike bar handed over* So what brought on the feeding frenzy? Stress, tests, guys stuff or girly stuff?


Try a sale at the grocery store. There was a power outage earlier this week and they were practically handing out these suckers. [unwraps the Klondike bar to take a bite, speaking with a mouth half full] Most of my stress comes in the form of competition from old friends. We like to challenge each other, see who comes up with the next discovery or understanding of complex theories. 

Though…finals just finished up around here, right? Something like that? How do you think you did or, um, going to do?

….How much does a polar bear weigh?



Darcy, she is something else. I have grown fond of her. You are fond of looking at the stars? Then I am sure you would love the view on Asgard for the skies are not as yours are. In our sky you can see all that is beyond. The view is quite catching.

You know Darcy? …Only fond? You’ll love that girl in no time at all. [laughs, quieting down at the talk of Asgard and it’s skies.] That…that sounds amazing. I adore the stars, the idea that there’s so much out there to learn about and how we’ve barely scratched the surface. [glances upwards out of habit] For instance, did you know there were three traced reports of wormhole activity above this school in the last month? Three. That’s an unprecedented amount of data collected in a short period of time! No reason behind it, no scientific explanation is available, they just…”poof”d! Asgard, it um, it seems like a fantastic place to have lived. To live. Consider me envious, Thor. 




There was no convention. I am simply here to keep an eye on one of our own kind.  

Ah, a student I’m presuming. I wish you the best of luck with this! It can’t be easy having to go somewhere foreign for the sole purpose of watching another. 

….How much does a polar bear weigh?



Hello Jane, it is good to have you back. The halls seemed a little empty and now I know why. [laughs] Everything has been good here.. I think.. I mean the school is still standing so that has to be good right? How about you, how are you?

Bruce! …is it because I wasn’t around running into things? I can take the truth, I’m a big girl you know. [smiles] I missed you! You and that worrying look of yours. I’ve been perfectly fine, keeping myself busy. What about you? Been up to anything in my absence? Besides keeping the school from falling apart, and doing a nice job of it might I add. 



Stock up, Janey. It’s going to be a long, drawn out, possibly drug fueled ride. 

Late night star chasing? You had me at treats! Tell me when and where and I’ll be there.


You’re the best, you know that? The absolute best. I mean I’ll also need help with carrying the equipment and setting it up but since you’ve agreed and there are no take backs-


I’ll get you better details as soon as I can whip some up. I might have to go for a hike to find the best viewing spot…yeah, yeah you’ll know when I know.